About Us

Proven expertise paired with a fresh perspective

Since 2014, Mirsky Corporate Advisors has been helping businesses pursue their goals with purpose and clarity—but for many years prior to launching MCA, we have been honing our skills in business strategy and optimization.

Our founder, Steven Mirsky, started his career as an in-house general counsel and senior executive at a financial services company. For over a decade, he worked with many “BigLaw” firms, analyzing the weaknesses in their business models and identifying the roadblocks that prevented clients from realizing the value of fantastic legal representation. Mirsky was disillusioned by the existing business model of law firms and sought to provide something more valuable for the client. As a senior executive, he recognized that businesses must focus on their core strength – and outsource the rest.

Time and again, business after business, Mirsky proved his theory correct.

Throughout his years of hands-on experience, Mirsky has managed the day-to-day operations of a company with a $1B portfolio, built network infrastructure, designed software and AI and and managed programmers, employees, non-attorneys, and vendor relationships. He has helped his clients increase their revenue (in one case, by 100% within six months), climb out of bankruptcy, achieve cost-effective settlements for employment disputes, and negotiate large acquisitions in the equipment finance industry.

Driven by a desire to help more business owners and positively impact more lives, Mirsky made the decision to serve others as outside general counsel. With the launch of MCA, his goal is to modernize and optimize business practices, ultimately boosting cash flow and longevity.